Meet the teachers who developed Write Now Right Now

Darlene McPherson and Terry Hoit

We have a combined 40+ years as elementary teachers with experience at every grade level. We are real teachers with real students. Drawing from our own encounters with other teachers, successes and challenges in teaching writing, we have created one of the most sought after writing programs in elementary schools everywhere. 


Write Now Right Now Founders
Write Now Right Now is an awesome writing curriculum! It is thorough and easy to implement in your everyday writing. I used to think that writing was one of the most difficult subjects to teach, but now I love it!
— Stacie T. 2nd Grade Teacher

During our time in the classroom, we both developed a passion for teaching writing and often found ourselves in leadership positions to help improve writing across all grades. Teaching in different parts of the country, we were both involved in similar trainings and experiences. In 2009, our paths finally crossed and we ended up teaching in the same school. Here we found a kindred writing spirit in each other. 

Along with teaching in our own classrooms, we joined together to serve as the writing coaches in the building.  More and more, we began to hear the same comments from teachers – I want my students to become proficient writers, but I don’t know what to do next. I would make writing a priority in my classroom, but I’m not sure how to help my students improve their writing. All I do is assign and assess writing, I never teach writing because I don't know how to do it!

It was in response to these comments that Write Now Right Now was born. Combining what we had learned from best practices and what we knew from working daily with both teachers and students, we began to put our lessons into a format for teachers. Based on the philosophy that all students can write, we strove to write a curriculum that works with any standards, teacher friendly, and student engaging. Our biggest hope is that all teachers can enable all students to Write Now!