“Our team is piloting your program this year and I am LOVING it! Thank you! I feel like it is helping me become a better writing teacher, which has been my weakness.“

-Pandi B. - 2nd Grade Teacher

 Writing in Response to Math-”The RISE strategy for solving multi-step word problems has been a highly effective strategy for helping my students solve those previously overwhelming word problems.  I love the way it includes systematic steps to break down challenging word problems. This program gives students a strategy to identify what needs to be done, shows them how to solve problems, and then finally, gives them a clear process to explain their thinking.  Students follow the acronym and have specific tasks, so it becomes clear on how to proceed in solving the problem presented.  Strategies such as underlining, numbering, and drawing pictures help students clearly see what is being asked of them.   The final step encourages students to explain with words and numbers what they have done.  As a 4th grade classroom teacher, I have appreciated finally having a wonderful go-to strategy for teaching multi-step word problems.” -Barb V. - 4th Grade Teacher

“We LOVE the writing program we purchased last year.  We just started this year and are 3 weeks in and can already see a BIG difference with our kiddos!” -Jodi S. - 5th Grade Teacher                             


“I just wanted to let you know that teachers at Bryant are LOVING the program you created!!!! In fact, I went to a different elementary school today and the first grade teacher at that school is jealous and envious that we are getting to use the program. She can hardly wait until the district purchases it for all teachers. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon Write Now Right Now.” -Michelle-1st Grade                                                                        

“Can I just say that I love you guys?!  I purchased the grade six program and am loving it!  I feel as though you are teaching me how to improve my own teaching skills as well.  I so appreciate this program and am recommending it to all my friends:)”

-Christina-6th Grade-Canada


“Write Now Right Now has given us an aligned writing curriculum that all of our staff can implement effectively. The growth that we are seeing in our students' writing is nothing short of incredible. Darlene and Terry not only believe in their product, but they also back it up with training and availability to personally answer questions about the program. I can say without a doubt that Write Now Right Now is our road map to success!” -Zach Administrator

“I just wanted to let you know how much we are liking Write Now-Right Now!  Everyone appreciates how clearly you explain just what to do and how to do it.  Our students are producing some very good writing!” Cheryl K – Charter School 3rd Grade Teacher

“The “Write Now Right Now” program is an excellent resource that is comprehensive, easy-to-use, and current. It enables teachers to help students develop and strengthen their skill with all types of writing. Step-by-step lessons provide an ideal amount of guidance for teachers and move at a realistic classroom pace. All materials necessary for instruction are provided in supplemental sections that are well organized and simple to locate. Finally, the program includes ways in which to incorporate other “best practices” from a variety of the well-known writing approaches. This program is extremely helpful, and I find it very beneficial for my struggling writers who benefit from systematic, step-by-step instruction.” Sandra A.  Academic Intervention Services (Writing) Teacher

“I have been excited to use Write Now-Right Now in my classroom this year. I love how teacher friendly it is. The lesson objectives are clear and are aligned with our standards. Concrete teaching examples are shared in the lesson plans. Minimal teacher prep is needed: needed supplemental materials are provided and easily accessible. In addition to being teacher friendly, this program is proving to be student friendly, developmentally appropriate, and student engagement is high during the lessons. “That was fun!” has been shared by many students at the end of the lesson each day!” -Heather L. 4th Grade Teacher

 “We are very pleased with the WNRN program at Turman. Teachers have expressed their appreciation for the clarity and conciseness of the lesson plans – which for our beginning teachers really support ease and fidelity of implementation. As a building administrator, I appreciate the alignment of the program with the knowledge and skill demands embedded within the Common Core State Standards and accompanying assessments. The “Writing in Response to Reading” program supplement is proving to be an invaluable resource in helping our students learn to incorporate text evidence when crafting responses to the text-dependent questions that are the focus of the PARCC assessments. You have hit a homerun! This is by far the best structured writing program that we have used, both for its ease of implementation, and for its effectiveness in improving our students’ writing skills.” Mike R. Elementary School Principal

 “Write Now-Right Now” is an awesome writing curriculum!  It is thorough and easy to implement in your everyday writing. I used to think that writing was one of the most difficult subjects to teach, but now I love it!  I have become a more confident writing teacher which is reflective in my students’ writing. Thank you “Write Now-Right Now!” Stacie T. 2nd Grade Teacher

 The Write Now-Right Now program has been so easy to follow in my third grade classroom. The kids went from being super apprehensive about writing, to greatly excited when writing time rolls around. They are confident about note-taking, topic sentences, and even planning for any writing prompt they are given. This program doesn’t leave you scrambling to find anything…the pages that go with each lesson are right there in the supplemental book for you to quickly copy and use during the lesson. I have found great success in using this program!

Heather W. 3rd Grade Teacher

 “I have used the Write Now Right Now writing curriculum this year with my fifth graders.  The curriculum is organized and easy to use for the teacher.  The writing lessons are engaging for students and helps them learn how to become better writers through repeated practice and building skills step by step. The connection between reading and writing is evident in the lesson plans in the Writing in Response to Reading portion of the program. The program provides the necessary building blocks for successful writing!” -Amy C. 5th Grade Teacher

“I have always lacked confidence in the area of teaching writing.  The Write Now-Right Now program has given me the skills I need to become an effective writing teacher. The lessons provide the sequence and focus I need to best instruct my students.  I now find myself looking forward to writing – and most importantly, so do my students.” -Renee S. 4th grade teacher

My second graders have been working on organizing paragraphs.  Today we are building The Park paragraph with and without transition words (Lesson 14) in small groups and it is going really well!  Just feeling excited that I am doing something right in writing! (Next day!)  I’m making more paragraphs to cut apart for them to arrange. . . . it’s totally making sense to them.  This program is so good!!!”

Martha B. 2nd Grade Teacher

“Amazing, well put together newsletters and blogs. Thank you for explaining and outlining things the way you do. Your time and knowledge are so appreciated.” Lorrie-4th Grade

Write Now Right Now